Pedestal sink hookup

pedestal sink hookup

in the back of the basin with the holes in the wall. Sand with 100-grit drywall sanding paper. Pedestal Sink Overview, illustration by Gregory Nemec, planning Ahead. Pilot holes into the wall at the mounting bolt locations. Trowel on at least two more layers, allowing each to dry before recoating. Shopping for pedestal sinks Kohler Portrait American Standard Reminiscence American Standard Colony Before pedestal sinks became popular again, you had to scrounge around the salvage yards to find one, but today you'll find half a dozen styles in stock at most home centers, and dozens. Buy valves with a compression fitting to tighten onto 1/2-in. If you're moving the pipes very far, you might have to use 90-degree elbows instead.

Steel drainpipe to a PVC street elbow with a transition coupling. Plastic pipes are easy to cut with any fine-tooth saw. While the wall is free local bbw sex dating open, install blocking, a horizontal 2x that's screwed between the studs at basin height, beneath the palster or drywall. 1, step One / How to Install a Pedestal Sink. Close-quarters tubing cutter, tubing cutter, drill and bits 5/16-in. Once youre satisfied that nothing is leaking, you can pick up your tools and enjoy your new sink! Step Nine / How to Install a Pedestal Sink. Be careful not to overtighten the nut or you could break the sink. To connect PVC (white) plastic drainpipes to either ABS (black) plastic, copper or steel, use transition couplings (Photo 5). Photo 8: Install sink and drywall backers Screw a 26 to the studs to provide support for the pedestal sink.

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