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the official language of the union but for "fifteen years from the commencement of the Constitution, the English Language shall continue to be used for all the official purposes of the Union for. Tamil Medical Manuscript Collection, unesco, archived from the original on, retrieved 13 September 2012 Saiva Manuscript in Pondicherry, unesco, archived from the original on, retrieved 13 September 2012 Memory of the World Register: India, unesco, archived from the original on, retrieved 13 September 2012 Sandra. "Indians are no less racial". "Scheduled Languages in descending order of speaker's strength - 2011" (PDF). "Deep linguistic prehistory with particular reference to Andamanese" (PDF). That said, speeding, double parking and performing dangerous manoeuvres are all against the law and will get you a fine.

The cache remembers parts of pages, like images, to help them open faster during your next visit. Encyclopedia of the Peoples of Asia and Oceania. I was always told to be careful, to be wary of travelling alone. Malayalam is also spoken in the neighboring states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka ; with some speakers in the Nilgiris, Kanyakumari and Coimbatore districts of Tamil Nadu, and the Dakshina Kannada and the Kodagu district of Karnataka. He was 21 then. Once youre inside you can pretty much get as tanked up as you like, but you should remember that drunken behaviour in public places is not tolerated, and any alcohol-fuelled oceanside shenanigans after a boozy brunch will land you in jail quicker than you can. Retrieved 10 December 2014.

Encyclopedia of Modern Asia: China-India relations to Hyogo. The Ongan family of the southern Andaman Islands, comprising two extant languages, ├ľnge and Jarawa, and one extinct language, Jangil. (June 2018) The language-related data results of the 2011 Census have not yet been released by the Government of India. 31 The People of India (POI) project of Anthropological Survey of India reported 325 languages which are used for in-group communication by 5,633 Indian communities. Dravidian language family edit The second largest language family is the Dravidian language family, accounting for some 277 million speakers, or approximately.5 as per 2018 estimate The Dravidian languages are spoken mainly in southern India and parts of eastern and central India as well. 116 Languages thus far declared to be Classical: In a 2006 press release, Minister of Tourism and Culture Ambika Soni told the Rajya Sabha the following criteria were laid down to determine the eligibility of languages to be considered for classification as a "Classical Language.

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